Took up Bigg Boss 10 to fund my son’s education: Rahul Dev


Rahul Dev is one of the contestants of the tenth season of Bigg Boss and he said he is doing the controversial reality show purely for financial reasons.

Rahul, a former model, is known for his negative roles in several films, especially down South.

“I am doing Bigg Boss due to financial reasons. I did the show for my son Siddharth who is studying abroad. I need the money to support his education. This time I was offered a good deal so I agreed to do the show,” Rahul told PTI before entering the house.

This is not the first time that the makers of the Salman Khan hosted show, which airs on Colors, approached Rahul.

“I was invited for the previous seasons of Bigg Boss as well but earlier I was not keen on doing it. This time when they approached me it was a spontaneous decision. I just came on board two days before it went on air,” Rahul said.

This season will see celebrities as well as common people fighting it out for the title in the house. The show is known for it ugly fights among its contestants for survival sake.

Rahul said he doesn’t have a strategy to deal with various situations in the house, where the contestants are locked for three months.

“I don’t know how I will handle the situation in the house as I haven’t thought or calculated anything. All I know is I will be myself. I don’t know what I will do on the show I haven’t planned anything. I will take things and situation as it comes,” he added.

Though on screen he is known for playing negative roles in real life, Rahul said he is like any other normal human being whose moods change according to the circumstances.

“I am a very sincere and dedicated actor. As a person I am a mix of everything. I have my own fears and have all kind of emotions that a normal person would have,” he added.

[Source:- Hindustan Times]