Unique Bangkok Birthday Plan


After posting quite a few reviews and travel tips on here I can see more visitors searching for ‘individual XYZ’ stuff to do in Bangkok. One of those searches that I’ve seen a few times by now was the search for ‘what to do on a birthday in Bangkok’.

So, to show you that I heard you, here’s a plan for a unique birthday in Bangkok.

The classical thing to do on a birthday is having dinner with your significant other. And while I’m all for doing things differently, a nice dinner together is certainly always a good choice as we all gotta eat at some point. So why not make it remarkable?

You could obviously have dinner in of the countless fine dining experiences, rooftop bars or river cruises. But would that really be unique? Just google for river cruise, rooftop bar, fine dining and you’ll see 7,493,291 search results. So your unique rooftop dinner & cocktail is actually nothing more than a Wednesday night in Bangkok.

Now how to make the dinner special you ask? Good question. Why not take your partner (and yourself) out of your comfort zone and have dinner in the dark? Dine in the dark offers a completely different fine dining experiences. It’s in an upperclass setting as it is located at the Sheraton Grande hotel right at the Asoke intersection on Sukhumvit. The name already tells you the concept: You will dine in complete darkness and by that I mean COMPLETE darkness. How romantic is that? Exactly. Do it. And thank me later.

Another classic on a birthday, flowers. And while we could argue about whether or not killing flowers in the name of love is worth it, many birthday girls (and guys) are happy about flowers on special days. If you are looking for a cool shop that helps to deliver flowers on time (e.g. in the morning as a wake up surprise), check out this flower delivery in Bangkok. And again, you are welcome.

To stick with the classic theme here right now let’s look at the ‘go to a bar / cafe‘ classic. Just like with fine dining, there are countless ‘cool’ and ‘unique’ (yeah, right) coffee places and bars but if you want to change things up completely why not hit a bar / cafe that offers an additional experience? Such as Paintbar Bangkok. Here you can sit next to your partner / friend / etc. and actually learn (or just do it by yourself) how to paint. Staff is on sight to give you some guiding and you can enjoy the time letting your artistic soul fly.

Those three pointers should help you planning a nice birthday in Bangkok. Need more tips? Check back soon as there’s more in store coming soon!