UPSC Civil Services exam prelims 2017: This three-step approach to solve paper will help fetch high scores


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UPSC will conduct the civil services preliminary exam on June 18, 2017. The admit cards and the list of items banned to bring in the exam hall are already released. Last year, 4.59 lakh candidates appeared in the exam. Planning and management of the exam day is as important as the preparation itself. So here are a few tips which you should keep in mind on the day of the exam:

1) Don’t panic if you are not able to solve a few questions on the trot or find any section exceedingly difficult. You will always find easier questions to solve later.

2) Bubble simultaneously don’t keep it for the end because that increases the likelihood of mistakes.

3) Don’t go with an imaginary cut off in mind and don’t judge your performance in the exam hall itself based on that. The cut off depends on the difficulty level of paper and varies from year to year.

4) Follow a three-step approach to solve the paper. In round one, solve questions you are absolutely sure of. In round two solve questions which you are reasonably certain of. In round three take your time, dig into your memory and make educated guesses if you can narrow it down to two options. But do not resort to blind guessing under any circumstances.

5) Focus on accuracy and don’t attempt too many questions. Maintain a deft balance between careless attempts and being too conservative.

6) Take reasonable risks because you will not be able to clear the cut off based on only those questions you are absolutely certain.

7) Take care of your health. Have proper breakfast and remain hydrated in the heat. Have proper sleep and adjust sleep cycle in tune with the exam timings.

8) Don’t solve quizzes/mock tests on the last day because if you don’t perform well in them you will most likely carry that frame of mind and anxiety into the exam hall. Try to relax.

9) Also, don’t take CSAT too lightly. Attempt as many questions as you can in CSAT paper two. Also in case your performance in paper 1 is not up to the mark don’t let that affect paper 2.