VIDEO: What really happens in a psychotherapy session

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TNN | Apr 7, 2017, 11.39 AM IST

When Deepika Padukone spoke on national television about Depression, the world heard it. Despite this and many other similar efforts made to de-stigmatize the disease, Depression has always been an underdog in the list of ‘serious disorders.’ The importance of acknowledging the disease and the need for its therapy is yet to be taken seriously.

“When you talk to someone, share with them your worries, your anxieties, your concerns, you start your healing process.” says Dr. Vasantha R. Patri, psychologist and head, Indian Institute of counselling. Dr. Patri talks about the need for therapy and how talk therapy or psychotherapy is an important method of treating Depression.

The foremost problem with Depression is identifying its symptoms as most confuse it for sadness and loneliness. The second probelm occurs when a person is going through the treatment. Taking the patient for a movie or a party will not help. The problem needs to be rectified from its root. “Depression does not occur without any reason. The core of the issue needs to be recognized. Only then can we truly heal a person,” says Dr. Patri.

Some common symptoms for identifying depression include the following:
1.The person talks about hallucinations and delusions, things which do not exist for real
2.Low concentration levels

3.Inability to make decisions

4.Low self-esteem

5.Feeling of being guilty all the time

Talk therapy helps a person as the conversation is not about the problem only. These psychotherapy sessions also help an individual understand what went wrong, how it changed them and how it can be resolved. Here is a video of a therapy session with Dr. Vasantha R. Patri, to give you an insight into what a session looks and feels like.