Weight Loss Wars: Why Do Men Lose Kilos Easily As Compared to Women?


Weight Loss Wars: Why Do Men Lose Kilos Easily As Compared to Women?

Losing weight is no miracle. It is a gradual process that requires commitment, persistence, diligence and lots of hard work. One thing that must be kept in mind is the fact that everybody reacts differently to the same set of exercises or a fixed diet plan. A person’s metabolism, genetic constitution, physical makeup and even sex decide the rate at which they can easily and successfully achieve weight loss. It has long been perceived that men find it easier to get rid of extra flab when compared to women. Is the theory true? We set out to explore some of the biggest factors that set apart weight-loss in men and women.

The Muscle Theory


One of the primary factors influencing weight-loss in men and women is simply the size of their bodies. Undeniably, men are bigger which means more muscle mass, more lean tissue mass and lesser fat-to-muscle ratio as compared to women. A body that has more muscles and less fat burns calories more easily. Women, in general, have more fat tissues over lean muscle mass. Their body fat percentage is always found to be at least 6-11% more than the male counterparts. This rests at the core of the dichotomy between male versus female weight loss pattern.


“Men have more muscle mass in their bodies. The fat and hormone composition is completely different in men. Women have more fat in their bodies which is a biological need for the body to sustain reproduction and for evolution,” shares Shilpa Arora ND, a renowned Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach.

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It is easier for men to gain muscle mass
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The Hormone Theory


Men also find it easier to build muscles as compared to women. Testosterone may end up taking much of the credit here, but the fact remains that, “testosterone is a powerful hormone. It keeps the metabolic rate in men higher as compared to women and helps synthesize lean muscle mass in men,” concluded Shilpa.


So does this mean women just need to sweat it out extra to lose weight and achieve a lean look? Not necessarily! A balanced mix of cardio and weight bearing exercises will always push your body towards perfection. However, always bear in mind the significance of a well-balanced diet. Weight loss or maintenance is a crucial play of a balanced diet and adequate calorie loss. You simply can’t lose an inch or a pound if your diet is in a mess or if you aren’t sleeping enough.