Will The Kylie Shop Carry Clothes? Here’s What We Know So Far


In case you needed a little bit of good news to carry you into the weekend (and who doesn’t, really?), Kylie Jenner just announced the opening of a Kylie Cosmetics Pop Up Shop. For the first time in history (well, for the first time since the brand launched earlier this year) we can now buy Kylie Cosmetics IRL. Until now, the products have only been available online in limited quantities, so having a physical store to be able to buy from will certainly give our clicker fingers a much needed reprieve. But the biggest question we all have about the pop up is: Will The Kylie Shop carry clothes?

The youngest Jenner has posted a number of photos about the launch to her own Instagram page as well as to the newly launched account @TheKylieShop, all of which feature the beauty star in gorgeous lingerie. It’s unclear whether or not these lacy undergarments will be sold in the store, but I for one really hope it means we have a Kylie Jenner lingerie line headed our way. A statement from the brand also teased “exclusive Kylie Jenner merchandise,” so TBD whether or not that means clothing or something else entirely.

If Kylizzle were to sell clothes in the pop up, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time she’s dipped her toes into fashion design. She’s been collaborating with Pac Sun for years, and her Kendall and Kylie clothing line (which is about to launch sunglasses!) has been a fan favorite since it launched last spring. While there’s no word yet whether the Kylie Cosmetics pop up will sell clothes, considering everything Kylie touches turns to gold (including her cars and jewelry) I have no doubt that if she did launch a lingerie line it would be a sold out success.


The Kylie Pop Up Shop opens on December 9th at Westfield Topanga in the San Fernando Valley. Start booking your flights to California now.

[Source:-The Bustle]