5 Best ways to use the digital portal for children’s education


5 Best ways to use the digital portal for children's education

5 Best ways to use the digital portal for children’s education

As a country, we have relentlessly surged ahead in the face of many adversities with the force of a billion dreams. Much of this success can be attributable to the unmatchable dedication and trust that we Indian middle class has shown towards education as the most viable gateway towards a better life.

As a society, we have time and again acknowledged the importance of overall development of a child but still, academics have consistently grabbed the lions share of budget both in terms of wallet share as well as in terms of bandwidth as far as an average Indian family goes.

However in the changing socio-economic landscape, convenience, accessibility, and large scale affordability through aggregation is the talk of the town and whether it is ordering food, booking a cab or getting grocery delivered to your doorstep, convenience is the name of the game.

In this quest for flexibility and convenience education cannot afford to be left behind and thus digital education brands are leaving no stone unturned in terms of building ease of access or taking quality to levels which were previously unheard of.

Thus the days of education being confined to traditional time bound chalk and talk in brick and mortar structures are clearly over. Digital education is the need of the hour as it often ensure that best in class engaging content is produced in a cost-efficient manner by centralized pooling of resources and preferably distributed digitally using cloud-based architecture. It ensure convenience by Anywhere Anytime access and is affordable because of economies of scale.

So how do we optimally use the digital portal for children’s education and ensure that the content is genuinely beneficial and adds value?

5 Best ways to use the digital portal for children’s education

As Interest Builder

Education, by and large, is always dependent on the kind of interest a topic is able to generate in a student’s mind.

This is where digital content has a head start over fat printed textbooks or chalk and talk monologue. Lessons can often be made far more engaging and not repulsive by the use of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, images, rational levels of animation, graphics, soothing background music, etc.

Once a student feels connected to a particular topic then the role of an educator is far easier as the student himself develops curiosity which is the first essential element for educating a child.

Learning on the Go

When was the last time that you canceled your holiday bookings because of some extra classes which were being conducted by the coaching center to cover the syllabus?

Digital education gives you the flexibility of studying on the go while you are traveling, imagine looking at your literature or mathematics lessons whilston a long vacation abroad in between your day trips to a museum or jungle safari, it gives you the freedom to not miss out on vacations whilst still managing to keep pace with your peers who are studying back at home.

This brings us to the second most important element of education, it should not confine him rather it should help him in setting your spirits free to leave a more all-encompassing life by bridging the gap of time and distance.

Once more, please

Every student has a separate learning curve and it is perfectly normal if a child requests his teacher to re-explain something, although most of our teachers may genuinely want to help, they are very often constrained by factors like length of the period, pending syllabus, the flow of the class, etc.

However digital content offers a virtual classroom scenario where the student can decide the pace of his studies by studying a topic as many times he wants thus he can practically replay the class ( By watching the instructional video) an infinite number of times till he is sure with the topic.

This leads us to the third most important element for a student’s meaningful education and that is each child is special and should have the dignity to study at his or her own pace without being subjected to judgment by anyone else.

I guess each one of us has a responsibility to completely get rid of heard mentality and give confidence to our next generation that they have the freedom to learn at there own pace and no one will breathe down there neck or compare them with there peers at every given instance.

5 Best ways to use the digital portal for children’s education

I want to play with my friends

Every locality has popular teachers who know the subject well and have been giving coaching to students for years, irrespective of all debate on the moral sanctity of private coaching as an industry, the ground reality is that they not only exist but also thrive in today’s market.

This also proves that in most cases students do need help in their studies after school hours.

However, at times going to coaching centers involves commuting long distances which takes a toll on students’ limited bandwidth after school hours and as a result of this their extracurricular activities or parents’ social life ( because they need to drop and pick up children from coaching centers) often suffers.

If the same quality of coaching ( if not better ) can be accessed from the comfort of your home then it definitely saves a lot of hassles in terms of commuting and resultant safety aspects etc.

This brings us to the fourth most important aspect of improving the education system in today’s age by reversing the whole situation, in today’s age rather than your little champ traveling all the way through heavy traffic and pollution every day to avail his coaching classes, quality education has to come to him at his study table.

Quick thorough Revision

The objective of education is two-fold, while in the short run students and parents are worried about the grades because of the tremendous competition for seats in higher education etc but in the long run, what matters most is the fundamental grasp that a student gains on a particular topic which helps in later stages of his life.

Digital content again scores head and shoulder above normal content because of the fact that a student can instantly revise a particular topic months after it has been taught by looking at crisp audiovisual content made by experts which not only covers the topic but also objectively focuses on conceptual clarity as well as preparation for exams.