6 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating Raw!


6 Foods You Shouldn't Be Eating Raw!

There are numerous vegetables and fruits that are best eaten when raw and some have to be cooked in order to kill the bacteria that might trigger our health in the longer run. So, if you are adding colourful and nutrient-dense vegetables to your plate, make sure you know what to eat raw or cooked. There are some foods that must be cooked in order to provide your body with optimal health benefits. So if you haven’t given these foods a thought, it is time you do so.

Here are foods that shouldn’t be eaten raw-


1. Potatoes
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Hands down, potato is the king of vegetables! You can sauté, roast, fry or bake them, but you can definitely not eat them raw. One of the major reasons is that it grows underground and an exposure to toxic substances is much higher than any other vegetable. In fact, it also has a high starch content that is difficult to digest. Cooking breaks down the starch, making it slightly easier for the tummy to digest.

2. Spinach



Spinach or any other green leafy vegetables that are grown in the wild may contain bugs and bacteria that can be quite harmful for the body. It is always good to boil and sauté them rather than eating them raw in salads. Moreover, it is said that cooking spinach may enhance its antioxidant content making it healthier to consume.


3. Tomatoes
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Tomatoes are one of the best fruits available to mankind. They taste delicious when topped on a sandwich or salad. However, it is said that the lycopene present in cooked tomatoes can easily be absorbed by the body in comparison to its raw form. Lycopene is a phyto-nutrient that has amazing health benefits to offer.

4. Carrots

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The crunchy delights are better off when cooked considering they are grown underground and may have toxic substances. Also, it is known that cooking carrots may release more beta-carotene, an antioxidant that gets converted to vitamin A in our body. These vitamins are beneficial for our eyes and immune system.


5. Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are generally eaten raw; however, they have tough cell walls that make them hard to digest. Cooking them will not only break down the cell walls but also help the mushrooms to release all the nutrients they contain, which may include protein, B vitamins and minerals.

6. Cauliflower

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Cauliflower is widely eaten raw, but these cruciferous vegetables are hard to digest in their natural state. Similar to the other vegetables, it releases various nutrients that promote good health, therefore, make sure you steam to retain the liver-cleansing enzymes in cauliflower and allow smooth digestion.


Make sure you clean all these veggies and fruits well before adding to your diet. They can harm you in more ways than one.