Avoca family hosts clothing drive for service pet


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AVOCA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) – A clothing giveaway was held at a private pond in Avoca over the weekend.

Lorrie and Kylie Obrochta organized the clothing drive. They’re giving away clothes and items for free with a monetary donation.

They’re trying to raise money for a psychiatric service dog.  Lorrie’s 15-year-old daughter Kylie is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and experiences hallucinations.

“When she’s hallucinating, she always doesn’t know her surroundings, so she’ll walk right out into traffic,” said Obrochta. “The service dog is going to cost us between $15,000 to $20,000 so we got a long ways to go.”

The dog will act as a therapy pet for Kylie.  The money raised from donations will help off-set the costs.

Even though the clothes are free and donations are optional, Lorrie says people have been generous.

“If there’s a cause I’m going to help, I don’t care what it is,” said donor Bonnie Miller.

The clothes for giveaway were provided from from a donor who wants to remain anonymous.

“She gets the clothing, she sorts them and bags them up and wherever a person or organization wants them she’ll take them and then whatever donations come in from the clothing go to whatever organizations she’s doing and she put’s a lot of work in this,” said Obrochta.

All the monies raised will go to Kylie’s service dog.

Lorrie and Kylie hope to raise all the money they need in six months to a year.