Here’s How Technology Is Revolutionising Education In India


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The Indian educational landscape is fast-changing with technology gripping the nation in an unprecedented fashion. A lifestyle comparison between current times and half a decade ago shows us how the general scheme of things has metamorphosed. Today, as we go on shopping sprees without visiting the nearest mall, have a face-to-face video conversation with a distant friend or even complete bank transactions without ever visiting a branch, we realise that we have undoubtedly travelled a great distance into the realm of technology. The education sector has not remained untouched by this development.

An ultra-modern mixture of education and technology is also coming to the surface.

Academic Challenges Faced By India

Education in India still exhibits significant regional disparities. Observations show us that a majority of Indian educators employ traditional teaching techniques which have, by far and large, failed to meet student requirements; especially in the modern landscape. Despite this evident drawback, the status quo is further affected by the number of teachers allocated to students. The ideal Pupil-Teacher Ratio for schools is 1:30 for primary and 1:35 for upper primary sections.