These Kitchen Gadgets Are Actually Genius – And They’re All Under $30


These gadgets are complete game changers for your kitchen

Sometimes the idea of going into the kitchen and cooking anything sounds both exhausting and deeply unappealing. If you’re having one of those days (slash months), then I’d like to turn your attention to a few gadgets that will make the process a whole lot easier. They’re pretty genius, super helpful and – *big bonus points* – all under $30.

OMOTON Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Tired of getting flour and oil and grease on your phone while you’re trying to read a recipe off the screen? Snag this cell phone stand. It’s super stable, can be adjusted to different angles, and fits all cell phone sizes. Also, it comes with silicone pads to prevent any slipping or scratching.

Grania Egg Peeler

Very, very few of us have the gift of peeling hard boiled eggs. If your skills are, erm, less than perfect, invest in an egg peeler. It promises to peel 1-5 eggs in under ten seconds, which is some wizard work right there. Goodbye FOREVER, shells!

Kitchen Strainer

Time to ditch all of your other strainers. This clip-on drainerattaches to all sizes of cookware, is super durable, and can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees. Big amen to never losing stray food in the drain again.

Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer

This slicer puts in the work. It comes with seven blades that will cut your veggies and pasta into any size or shape you’d like.

Johnny Apple Peeler

Yup, this very cool gadget will actually peel, core, and slice your apples. So, so many wins.

WALFRONT Stainless Steel Corn Peeler

In the immortal words of Chandler Bing, can peeling corn be any easier?

Daddy Chef Stainless Steel Finger Guard

You’ll no longer have to worry about accidentally slicing part of your hand off with this nifty finger guard.

Nostalgia TCS2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

A toaster that makes grilled cheese sandwiches?!? Well, that’s very, very good kitchen witchcraft right there.

Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Measuring Cup

Ditch all your measuring cups for this bad boy, which will digitally tell you how much food weighs and how many cups of something you’ve actually poured.

Joseph Joseph Foldable Plastic Cutting Board

This cutting board is foldable which means that particles of your food will no longer fall all over the floor when you drop them into a pot. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

Now go get your cool kitchen gadget game on. There’s so, so many grilled cheese sandwiches to be made.

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