Messenger Rooms to roll out: How they will work on WhatsApp for Web, features and how to create

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Via Messenger Rooms shortcut users directly go to the Messenger Rooms window from their WhatsApp chat to start a video call.

WhatsApp Web will soon get Messenger Rooms support which will be aiming to take on other video calling platforms like Google Duo and Google Hangout, Skype and Zoom. This comes during the coronavirus lockdown when more people are relying on video calling platforms. Facebook’s announcement to introduce Messenger Rooms was earlier made by Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook Live. The feature is not yet rolled out in India.

Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp had extended WhatsApp group call limit to eight. Now, Messenger Rooms will be supported across WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger in a first sign of integrating the platforms. The idea suggested behind the move was to offer a seamless experience to users of all apps by Facebook.

According to WABetaInfo blog, the Messenger Room support for WhatsApp Web is available for version 2.2019.6. Reportedly, there is a shortcut for Messenger Rooms in the latest WhatsApp for Web version, upon clicking which the users can start video calling on Messenger Rooms from either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

The commercial rollout of the feature may take some time. Messenger Rooms feature is yet to be made available to everyone across the globe, an Indian Express report said.

How do Messenger Rooms work?

  • Via Messenger Rooms shortcut, users directly go to the Messenger Rooms window from their WhatsApp chat to start a video call.
  • The hosts of the Messenger Rooms will be able to invite anyone they want to join the video conferencing.
  • Messenger Rooms hosts can add 50 people at a time to a video call.
  • They will be able to send a link to join the call to each of the contacts.
  • Facebook has said that Instagram as well will have a Messenger Room shortcut in the near future.
  • Anyone without a Facebook account can join Messenger Rooms.

How can you use and create Messenger Rooms

The host initiates the call and is the only one who can add people to the call. The main shortcut to create a Messenger Room will be visible in the actions list in the chat, which is at the top right corner of the chat’s screen.

Once the user taps on the shortcut, another screen with the introduction to Messenger Rooms will open on the web version along with the option to “Continue in Messenger” in order to make the video call.

The option to create a room can be spotted on the main menu of the desktop version as well. It will be visible on the down-arrow button right above the chats.

If the user decides to create a room, WhatsApp will ask if he or she wants to be redirected to Messenger.

The host will create a room by clicking on the video icon on Facebook Messenger and share the room link with people to join.

Users can join a call using a PC or phone.

source: timesnownews