Lil Wayne’s employment status has seemed a little up in the air lately, even though the latest development is that he’s not planning on retiringfrom rap anytime soon (whew). Even so, his musical output has been scanty in the midst of his ongoing legal dispute with Cash Money, so he’s understandably looking for something else to fill his time. And he’s decided, apparently, on unleashing his inner Jerry Maguire.

The known sports fanatic founded his own agency, Young Money Sports, back in 2014, but didn’t pick up his first client until earlier this year. The lucky athlete was former Florida State linebacker and current NFL free agent Reggie Northrup, who appears with Wayne in a new Bleacher Report video profiling the revived agency.

“We all come from the same cloth,” Wayne says in the vid. “We all wish we were athletes, they all wish they were rappers.”

Weezy points to his history of ushering fellow hip-hop artists to stardom (remember, he’s the one who discovered and mentored Drake and Nicki Minaj) as proof that he can similarly help athletes “shine.”

“Honestly, it felt like something I was supposed to do,” he said when asked what made him found the agency. “I understood that you can actually help these people, these athletes. You can help them off the field, off the court. And once I figured that out, that’s what made me do it.”

Only time will tell how Young Money Sports fares this time around, butwe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: awesome things happen when you combine Lil Wayne and the sports world. So bring it on, Weezy — “show us the (young) money.”

[Source:-MTV news]