TECH SHOW SNEAK PEAK CES 2017 preview reveals next year’s must-have gadgets and gizmos


The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in January and will see the biggest names in the industry descend on Las Vegas.


Sun man Lee Bell at the CES 2017 preview show in Paris

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While you can expect to see some of the best-known technology companies showcasing all their latest wares at the show, you can also be sure to see heaps of upcoming brands and startups with innovations you’ll have never dreamed of before.

The Sun Online got a sneak peak at some of this ground-breaking innovation at a preview event in Paris, called CES: Unveiled.

Here’s some of the best gadgets we saw at the pre-show, including wearables, textile tech and smart home devices galore – all of which you can expect to be see much more of in 2017.

Spartan: anti-radiation boxer shortsces-preview-4

Proof that gadgets don’t have to come in the form of plastic, this innovation in tech andtextiles looks to shield any man’s family jewels from the nasty remnants of modern inventions.

Called the Spartan Boxer Briefs, these special undergarments feature anti-radiation tech that aim to protect men’s health and fertility by creating an electromagnetic shield that blocks wireless radiation from cellphone and WiFi signals.

Working in the same principle as a microwave but keeping the radiation out instead of inside (and not defrosting your meat and two veg), the Spartan kegs bar any wireless signal travelling on frequencies between 450 MHz to 5GHz, covering calls and texts.

The future of tech is in the sperm count, it seems.

Wair: pollution-fighting smart scarfces-preview-8



While we are on the subject of combing textile with tech, check out this smart scarf.

You might ask why your scarf needs to be smart, and the real answer is, it actually doesn’t. But whoever said the world of fashion was about needs?

Although you might disagree if you live in a cold city where air pollution is a big concern. In that case, Wair, which claims to be the world’s first anti-pollution scarf, has been developed by a French start-up named

In addition to filtering harmful pollutants, the fashionable wraparound is connected to an app that provides real time air quality updates.

Expect to see much more textile tech at CES 2017.

Digitsole: twinkle toesces-preview-12

Straight from the Kickstarter conveyor belt and onto the production line of CES is one of the smartest innersoles you’ve ever set your feet onto: the Digitsole.

Ideal for the frosty winter months, this shoe peripheral is a connected heated insole that can be best described as a cushioned radiator for your feet.

Controlled via your smartphone, you can adjust the temperature of each of your insoles by via an adjustable sliding bar.

No more Jack Frost nipping at your toes.

Bibelib: lost luggage saverces-preview-2

There’s nothing quite as worrisome as the feeling you get while waiting for your suitcase to drop onto the conveyor at luggage claim.

‘Did it definitely make the plane?’, ‘Will I ever see it again?’, ‘Has someone somehow mistaken my suitcase – customised with ribbon – for their own?’ are all questions  that can cross your mind in this situation.

Now a company called Bibelib feels your pain, and has created a work around for the exact problem: a suitcase cover with an integrated tracking system that allows you to identify your luggage in case of theft.

Royole Moon: a portable big screen for your faceces-preview-7

A virtual theatre for gaming and movies: Royole Moon’s  Royole-X is a new personal theater headset and gives you the feeling of sitting in an IMAX theatre watching a big ass screen, even when at home, in a dingy basement.

It can play any 2D or 3D content from sources like Netflix, Hulu, or your TV, phone or laptop.

It also features an AMOLED display, meaning gamers won’t have to worry about lag  as it cuts the response time down to less than a millisecond.

OroSound: selective hearingces-preview-10

OroSound is basically a pair of earphones that give you the super power skills of selective hearing.

Featuring some new patented technology, the earphones promise to deliver the world’s best noise cancellation via directional and selective technology, which uses eight microphones, and balanced armature speakers to give the wearer the ability to hear just what’s in front of them, or choose how much background noise is leaked into their ears on top of any current playing tracks.

Invoxia: fixed line for the iPhone ces-preview-3

In order to move forward, we need to look back. That seems to be the mantra of French gadget maker  Invoxia, who were showing off a device that suggests what worked in the past can work in the future, and brings the conventional form of phone to the modern handset.

It’s basically a stand that turns an iPhone into a traditional landline, but with a few differences.

It can connect the Apple smartphone to its base and retrieve contacts, has built in speakers to allow for the streaming of music or conference calls, but best of all: by connecting an Ethernet and fixed line to the base, you can make calls with from the landline number using your smartphone.

It’s not just limited to the iPhone either. Thanks to some nifty adaptors, you’ll be able to any type of smartphone to the base.

Holi: the world’s ‘smartest alarm clock’ces-preview-5

Holi wants to make waking up to the sound of an annoying alarm as pleasant as possible with its new smart alarm clock, Bonjour.

The smart clock anticipates your needs and wakes you up according to information it knows about you, and is activated by voice, so you can just shout at it to shut up without having to move a millimetre.

Expect to see this in stores in early 2017.

[Source:-The Sun]