4 things fasting does to your body (and they’re all good!)



Indians have a tradition of fasting on various occasions, mostly for religious purposes. But did you know that fasting has certain health benefits too! Not just health benefits, fasting also transforms and revitalises your body helping you be more healthy – physically and mentally.

1. Detoxification: According to Ayurveda, the reason for various illnesses is the accumulation of toxic materials in the body. So when you fast, your body is cleansed of all the toxins and is rejuvenated.

2. Repair and maintenance of the digestive system: Fasting gives some rest to your digestive system and helps all the bodily mechanisms to get streamlined and corrected.

3. Calms your mind: Ayurveda also says that since the human body is made of 80% liquid and 20% solid, like the Earth, the gravitational force of the moon has the same effect on the human body as it has on the Earth, which causes emotional upheaval giving rise to stress and irritation and violence. Fasting helps acid build up in the body to counteract these problems.

4. Energises you: The detoxification of the mind and body recharges your system, and you feel more light and energetic.

Important things to remember while you are fasting:
It is important to note that you should avoid performing an extreme physical activity or spend a lot of energy while you are fasting. One should eat light foods that are easy to digest. Fruits, vegetable or juices should be frequently consumed. Read how to fast the healthy way.