Fitness Hacks To Stay In Shape On Your Holidays


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No matter what your holiday plans are, your fitness regime always takes the back seat. Holidays are mostly about stepping outside of your life, letting everything go, where exercise is generally not on the priority list. Once you reach your destination, you tend to binge on fancy and delectable meals that are generally not good for your waistline. The idea of your perfect break shouldn’t spell the end of your healthy lifestyle. And, if you’ve a right plan in action, you can skip all the odds to stay healthy and fit. Here are four health and fitness tips to stay in shape on your holidays.

Fitness Hack #1: Make Smart Alcohol Choices

Every night is a weekend night on holidays, right? On holidays, you perhaps end up drinking more cocktails than you would back home. Opt for healthy and body-friendly drinking choices.

Avoid Beer: A pot of beer is around 160 calories. Since beer is high in carbs, it promotes abdominal obesity (so-called “beer belly”), especially in men. However, if you still crave for beer, then wheat beer seems to be the safest option.

Opt For Low-Carb Alcohol: You may go for vodka but avoid mixing it with juice/soda, or a dry white wine. Avoid adding any sweetened mixers or a low-quality juice. A glass of white wine has 120 calories and is usually preferred over red wine with 140-160 calories.

Fitness Hack #2: Keep Healthy, High-Protein Snack Options Handy

If you’re fuelling up before going for sightseeing or hiking, eating high-protein bars can be the healthiest and tastiest way to keep going. These protein-rich snacks are the perfect way to fill up, which give long-lasting energy than carb-heavy options.

Below are a few other options :

Dark Chocolate: Used to be a rare treat once, dark chocolate is now a popular choice of snack for fitness lovers. To increase the nutritional count, pick a chocolate that has some nuts.

Nuts And Banana Chips: Things like coconut flakes, banana chips and nuts are easily available everywhere.

Fitness Hack #3: Enjoy One Big Splurge Meal

Just about anywhere you go in the world, you will indulge in the local delicacies. Be it churros, chicken souvlaki, or biryani indulge yourself in the local gastronomic experience. However, it is important to balance you meals as well. Pick one meal, or a day, when you are really going to let yourself to immerse in the local fare, keep the rest of your meals moderate. Plan this splurge to be the 20% element of the 80/20 rule. You can still have shrimp on the coast, but don’t fry it!

Fitness Hack #4: Keep Yourself Hydrated

During holidays, you are busy in shopping at bustling markets, exploring exotic spots, enjoying footie tours, et al. While all of this is happening, you tend to get dehydrated without even knowing it. It’s always best to carry or buy at least a two-litre water bottle with you on the beach or while hiking. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated after party nights. If you plan to party in the evening, then get some water as a side order. This will definitely make you feel better the next day.

Tell us about your hacks for staying healthy on holidays in the comment section below.