A healthy nighttime routine for type 2 diabetes – Manage and control blood sugar levels before going to bed


A healthy nighttime routine for type 2 diabetes - Manage and control blood sugar levels before going to bed

New Delhi: Diabetes is one of the most common diseases which affects about 69 million people in the country. Type 2 diabetes is a type of the disease that occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin – the hormone responsible for breaking down sugar in the body.

People with type 2 diabetes have to be extremely careful about what they eat and drink, as excess blood sugar levels can be fatal for them. They also need to incorporate exercise in their diet to ensure their blood sugar levels are well managed. From morning to night, they need to be extra careful than other people without diabetes. Here is a nighttime routine for diabetic people to make their illness slightly easier on them.

Pay attention to your dinner

Dinner is an important meal and an equally important component of diabetes management. According to the American Diabetes Association, dinner for diabetes people should include vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. A regular home-cooked meal of vegetables, dal, and roti is a good option for diabetic people for dinner. Make sure you do not consume any sugar, especially in your dinner to ensure better diabetes management.


Before bed-time is not the ideal time to exercise but you need to move a little to ensure better sugar management. Just a regular walk or slight stretching can help you sleep better and also manage your blood sugar levels while you are asleep. You can also practice a few lighter yoga poses which boost metabolism, improve digestion and also help in stretching the muscles of the body. Practising healthy habits like eating while sitting on the floor, or eating with your hands may also be a good thing to try for better sugar control.

Brush your teeth

Since childhood, you have been told to brush your teeth before bed, and it is a healthy thing to practice. However, when you have diabetes, your saliva is sweeter than normal people and bacteria love sweetness. This can lead to the growth of bacteria in your mouth if you do not brush and clean your mouth before sleeping. Cleaning your mouth before sleeping can be a good practice to ensure the effects of diabetes do not cause other health problems.

Avoid caffeine before bed

Not just caffeine, but also other stimulants should be avoided right before bed to ensure you sleep well so that your blood sugar levels are regulated. You should try to sleep at the same time every day to make sure your sleep cycle is stable. If your blood sugar levels fluctuate at night, you won’t be able to sleep properly and will be too drowsy and fatigued during the day.


One of the key causes of almost all lifestyle diseases is stress. You should destress your mind at night and let go of all the worry. This will not only regulate your blood sugar levels but also help you sleep better and also keep other diseases away. Meditation is a good way to destress yourself. You can also listen to calming music, or take a walk- whatever works for you.