Red Wine Or White Wine: Which Is Better For Your Health?


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There are times when we often end up having a hard time struggling to pick the right wine for the evening. And, it becomes even more difficult when we have to decide between red wine and white wine. Both wines taste good and are perfect drinks to kick-start a lovely evening. But, if you are a fitness enthusiast and wondering which wine has the most health benefits, red or white, then this article has got something that you’d like to read. We know you must be thinking that wine is an alcohol and in no way an alcohol can be healthy! However, to your surprise, wine may possess some good qualities as well. It could be beneficial for your health, when, of course, consumed in limited quantities. So, let’s find out which one to go for!

The Making Process

Red wine is prepared from red and black grapes, while white wine is made of white grapes. However, both the wines have a different making process. Red wine is made when the crushed grapes are fermented for one or two weeks in Oak barrels; whereas white wine is made when the skin and seeds of white grapes are removed and mixed with yeast and aged in stainless steel vats for fermentation.

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Red wine is prepared from red and black grapes, while white wine is made of white grapes.

Red Wine versus White Wine

Both white and red wine may be good for your health. However, both these wines possess different health benefits. Post fermentation, the grapes lose some of their original nutrition, but they also gain new health benefits.

1. White wine is known to improve heart health and may prevent heart diseases. However, red wine comprise even more powerful antioxidants, which are known as resveratrol that protect your blood vessels and may prevent blood clots. Resveratrol decreases bad cholesterol (LDL), while increasing the good cholesterol (HDL). This also means that red wine could help regulate blood pressure.

Winner: Red Wine

2. Unlike white wine, red wine is known to have polyphenols, which fight the effects of premature ageing. A glass or two of red wine everyday may keep you young and healthy by keeping toxins at bay.


Winner: Red Wine

3. Red wine and white wine are neck-to-neck in calories. A glass of red wine has 125-130 calories, whereas a glass of white wine has 121 calories. But, who is counting when you are partying?


Winner: White Wine

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A glass of white wine has 121 calories

4. Red wine contains higher levels of silicon than white wine, meaning it increases the density of bones and reduces the chance of osteoporosis.


Winner: Red Wine

Decision Time

Red wine is better than white wine. However, of course, it’s important to note that wine contains alcohol and over consumption of alcohol may result in various health issues. Therefore, enjoy your red wine in moderation!